Careful Messenger

Tim Plaisted

8 May 2009 to 20 Jun 2009

"Careful Messenger is my current residency and project for the State Library. It was inspired by my grandfather Stirling Blacket’s time as a dispatch rider in Gallipoli, relaying and confirming messages from command on his horse. In the two-channel work a horse gallops in the left panel while in the right panel the horse pants exhausted with closed eyes, turning its head towards the viewer. Here Blacket’s horse appears as a modern day messenger, a search engine working overtime for research. In formally combining these two resonating images, the work suggests that the labour and commitments of research and information delivery, is just as critical to us today as Blacket’s missions and should be approached with the same caution and vigilance."

From Tim Plaisted's website

Image: Tim Plaisted, still from Careful Messenger (right panel), 2008