The Break Collection: Volume One

Luke Aleksandrow

11 May 2017 to 21 May 2017

Luke Aleksandrow’s practice investigates the breakage of the ceramic form and the silence that follows. Aleksandrow is fascinated that ceramic art objects are normally experienced through our eyes and are rarely handled, and questions if this makes them any less functional than a broken object. For at least a moment a broken object was felt; it was heard.
The Break Collection: Volume One is a collaborative exhibition which includes works donated by fellow ceramic artists that Aleksandrow has been taught by, mentored by or exhibited with over his years of practice: Sandra Black, Greg Crowe, Grahame Hay, Kim Lyons, Alana McVeigh, Jacob Ogden Smith and Stewart Scambler.

Artist statement Image: Luke Aleksandrow, 2012, Top View Break, video stills

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