Blaze XI

Curated by Sally Brand

17 Feb 2017 to 15 Apr 2017

Canberra Contemporary Art Space’s annual emerging art exhibition, Blaze, is one of the local art community’s most anticipated events. Held in CCAS’s flagship space at Gorman House, the exhibition showcases Canberra based artists at the outset of their careers. This year’s edition, BLAZE XI, features the work of seven new contemporary artists working across video, painting, sculpture, installation and performance art practices. Like the previous ten instalments, BLAZE XI includes ambitious and challenging works – it is a celebration of the here and now, the up and coming. While no grand theme was intended for this survey, the collected works of Tom Buckland, Alex Hobba, Kon Kudo, Alycia Moffat, Cat Mueller, Josh Owen & The Uberigine, do offer an opportunity for reflection. Particularly, I think, BLAZE XI asks two relatively simple questions with potentially complicated answers:

how did we get here?
where are we going to next?

Curator's statement
Image: Josh Owen, 4 States (detail), High Definition video with sound; 10'30". Courtesy of the artist

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