Blaze Three

Curated by Yolande Norris

6 Dec 2008 to 31 Jan 2009

Featuring Sonja Barford, Kress Beecher, Rosalind Lemoh, Owen Lewis, Fiona Little, Madeleine and Amy Nguyen. At one time, set amongst the cottage gardens, creaky floorboards and palpable history of the Gorman Arts Centre, studio residents of the Canberra Contemporary Art Space are pushing boundaries and forging new histories in artistic practice. This coming together of the very very old and the very very new is not unusual in the arts, yet is rare in the creative landscape of Canberra. In a young city obsessed with cleanliness, modernity and order, it is a rare thing for buildings to survive at all, let alone be handed over to creative industry. Built in 1924 as a hostel for a new, young workforce, Gorman House is today a creative hub and crux of the Canberra arts community. CCAS has claim on three studios within the complex, and each year shares them between a formidable group of emerging talents in the form of the Studio Residents Program.

From essay by Yolande Norris.

Image: installation view, 2008.