Blaze Nine

Curated by Alexander Boynes

20 Feb 2015 to 28 Mar 2015

Blaze is an annual showcase of emerging contemporary art in Canberra. Blaze Nine includes the work of nine artists: Madeline Bishop, Michele England, Anja Loughhead, Sacha Pola, Jacob Potter, Dan Savage, Chris Sutevski, Jo Walters and Danny Wild.

When people are exhibited together because of their perceived quality as artists, it’s often difficult to establish an overarching thematic interest amongst work - unusually, the case is not so with this exhibition. If this group were anything to go by, it would appear that what it means to be human is playing heavily on the minds of these emerging artists. Nostalgia for our past and our travels through life to the inevitable end, and what it means to be Australian, appear to be of paramount importance to Bishop, England, Loughhead, Pola, Savage and Walters. The other recurring theme present in the work of Potter, Sutevski and Wild is the ever-present desire to thoroughly dissect and interrogate their respective mediums, and in the process reveal deeper meanings within their materials and techniques.

Excerpt from essay by Alexander Boynes

Danny Wild, 48 Hours in a New Place, 2015, video still, dual channel projection, 4'00 looped; photography by Brenton McGeachie

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