curated by Serge Bodulovic and Yolande Norris

26 Feb 2010 to 1 Apr 2010

Blaze is an annual showcase of Canberra's foremost emerging artists. Blaze Nine includes the work of eleven artists: Richard Blackwell, Jacqueline Bradley, Skylen Dall, Benjamin Forster, Rachael Freeman, Erica Hurrell, Robbie Karmel, Sarah Kaur, Tye McBride, TJ Phillipson and Adam Veikkanen. Six of the artists were CCAS studio residents in 2009 and all work in a diverse range of media. The show was curated carefully to demonstrate the breadth and potential of emerging artists in Canberra. From the collection of vastly differing works, strong themes of perceived realities and illusion became prevalent. Issues of reality and illusion raised by contemporary artists often unbalance and play with the audience's sensory awareness. To confront the interplay between past experiences and current interpretation, the exhibition artists use hidden meaning, humour, juxtaposition, optical illusion and seemingly innocent yet often jarringly honest images to challenge the viewer's perception of art and the world around them.

Words by Serge Bodulovic.

Image: installation view, 2010.

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