Blaze Eight

Curated by Alexander Boynes and Annika Harding

14 Feb 2014 to 29 Mar 2014

Blaze Eight showcases the work of eight ACT emerging artists: S.A. Adair, Katherine Griffiths, Martin James, Alex Lewis, Hardy Lohse, Katy Mutton, Jemima Parker and Timothy Phillips. These artists all explore aspects of the human condition; from the personal to the political, the molecular to the global. Griffiths’ exploration of dreams and emotional states and Phillips’ devotional shrines are intensely personal but will resonate with many. Adair and Parker’s installation and drawing works use meditative processes to investigate our experience of the world around us. Mutton and Lewis explore things humans have built and how they affect our history and our experience of space, respectively. And James and Lohse both explore the most human crisis of current Australian politics - ‘boat people’. Photograph by Brenton McGeachie.

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