Blaze 6

Curated by Alexander Boynes and Annika Harding

17 Feb 2012 to 24 Mar 2012

Artists: Kate Barker, Dean Butters, Bettina Hill, Helani Laisk, Ishak Masukor, Dan Lorrimer, Joanthan Webster and Fiona Veikkanen

It’s always a challenge to curate a cohesive exhibition when bringing together the best emerging artists working in a particular time and place. At a glance, it appears that the ties between the works in Blaze 6 are tenuous, but then it becomes apparent that space—between the works and as a central ide—links the works together.

There are many ways to define the spaces these artists engage with- domestic spaces, virtual spaces, remembered spaces, rooms, galleries, streets, personal space and the body. Spaces can be finite or infinite; sometimes they are explored and sometimes merely noticed. This preoccupation with the idea of space may have something to do with the uncertainties of the age that we live in, in which people are turning back to the tangible realities of human life. And maybe this preoccupation with boundaries, or lack thereof, is also a way for these emerging artists to locate themselves and their work within the broad context of contemporary art.

Photograph by Brenton McGeachie.

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