Between Coming and Going

Heike Qualitz

10 Oct 2014 to 15 Nov 2014

In Between Coming and Going Heike Qualitz uses the medium of video to explore the contradictory nature of ‘still life.’ Qualitz’s videos are presented as photographic views but, paradoxically, these ‘still’ images are dynamic and change fills every pixel. Each passing drop (2014) consists of two images that are for all intents and purposes still – a blackened tree stump and an abandoned dinghy sinking on the tides. Not only do we notice after a time the changing cloud patterns but also the tides upon which the boat struggles to float.

In Interface – encounters with place (2014), time is extended in reference to landform. On the rocky shores of an unknown beach time is invisible to the eye as any slight movement may take place over thousands of years. To this Qualitz adds her own movement in which we see the slow appearance of a human body that is at first scarcely noticeable. With no punch line and no climax, Qualitz highlights human engagement with land and how short our time on this planet has been.

Adapted from essay by David Broker; photograph by Brenton McGeachie.

Heike Qualitz, Between Coming and Going, Interface: Skin & Stone 3 channel digital video (duration 3:28) (with Rachel Sweeney), Each passing drop 2 channel digital video (duration 5:38)

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