Art at Home

Bettina Hill

29 Mar 2012 to 8 Apr 2012

There is nothing striking or exhilarating about an empty carton of milk or bashed-up kitchen utensils. A washing machine in an art gallery. “That is not art you might cry”. But Bettina Hill cuts up this perception. Literally. The unique experience Bettina creates by using objects that feel so familiar is manipulative. But we are to be grateful to her for it. By deconstructing objects or reconstructing them with new unconventional materials she unveils new sides and lives of these things that we have never seen or understood before changing the way we think about them. Undoing our conventional perceptions about the complex and the simple, the hand-made and the machine-made, the domestic and the scientific, Bettina changes the way we react to the most common objects, situations and environments. Come and make your life a little or even a lot more exciting as you see how much you can appreciate your own home with Art at Home. Bettina’s innovative and intelligent inventions and recreations will have you finding new value and joy in the places you never thought possible. You will never think negatively about cleaning the dishes or loading the washing machine again. That’s for sure.

Words Isabelle Morgan

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