Annika Harding - 'Wayfinding'

Annika Harding

31 May 2018 to 10 Jun 2018

Wayfinding is a new exhibition by Annika Harding featuring paintings that bridge her experiences of two very different landscapes, in Canberra and Finland. Following on from an artist residency at Arteles Creative Centre in Finland in 2016, Harding has continued to explore her practice of connecting to the landscape by walking through nearby forests regularly. In this exhibition she investigates the use of rope trail markers in the Finnish forest and how this method of wayfinding translates to her local bushland when creating new temporary trails for herself. Harding's paintings on timber (birch representing the Finnish forest, and yellow box the local landscape) and works on paper show how the artist residency experience has informed her ongoing art practice and her engagement with landscapes of different personal and cultural significance.

Image: Annika Harding Trail marker Haukijärvi 2016, watercolour on cotton paper, 20cm x 20cm

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