Opens Thursday, 5th February 2015
Ends Sunday, 15th February 2015

 Rock, roll, repeat is an exhibition of 100 drawings by Chris Sutevski. This is the first of six exhibitions by the 2014 Canberra Contemporary Art Space studio residents and is sure to set the standard for those to come.

Beginning with an unassuming rock, Sutevski employed a dice to determine how many drawings to make, the tool, time, input, feedback and hand used for drawing. Between 1-6 drawings were made initially, with one then being selected as a starting point for the next round. This process was then repeated until 100 drawings were produced.

Chris Sutevski is a notoriously methodical artist, continually setting up complex rules and parameters to determine the nature of his work. Sutevski displays both the rules and the drawings, allowing the audience an insight into his creative process.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.
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