14 Queensland Nations (Nations Imagined by RH Mathews)

Archie Moore

10 Oct 2014 to 15 Nov 2014

Archie Moore’s 14 Queensland Nations, a series of fourteen flags exhibited in the Great Court of the University of Queensland’s St.Lucia campus, is based on the work of anthropologist RH Mathews who, in 1900, drew a map of Queensland based on Indigenous language groups. Mathews was one of the first to acknowledge the existence of Aboriginal nations and Moore used Mathews’ sometimes questionable research as the basis of a work that not only raises questions in relation to his own identity as an Aboriginal (Kamilaroi) man but also focuses on the many and varied symbolic uses of flags for identification, sovereignty, imperialism, colonialism, nationalism, possession, power, protection, law, piracy and independence.

Excerpt from essay by David Broker; photograph by Brenton McGeachie.

The exhibition Courting Blakness was held in the University of Queensland’s Great Court from September 5-28 2014.

Archie Moore is represented by The Commercial, Sydney

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